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    About Us

    New technologies can contribute to fight growing illegal logging worldwide. The Global Timber Tracking Network (GTTN) brings together all stakeholders concerned by illegal logging and associated trade to promote the integrated use of DNA and stable isotopes with the existing technologies.Read More

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    The practical application of DNA and stable isotope tracking tools requires an internationally coordinated effort to tackle many issues with the involvement of various stakeholders. Some important challenges are listing of priority species, creating a reference database, developing technical standards and...Read More

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    Introducing new technologies to control illegal logging can be complicated. GTTN is working with partners to further develop, simplify and expand the use of DNA and stable isotope techniques; and make them available through dissemination of information and training. Relevant scientific and technical...Read More

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    GTTN is a global platform bringing together the science, scientists, policy makers and interested stakeholders to promote the integrated use of DNA and stable isotope technologies to ensure legal timber trade and curb illegal and unsustainable logging. Please register to become a member.Read More



Funding opportunities relevant for timber tracking projects... 

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GTTN Newsletter Issue 3

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GTTN Newsletter Issue 3, August 2015

GTTN Newsletter Issue 2

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GTTN Newsletter Issue 2, January 2015


20-21 August 2013 - Beijing, China

26-27 March 2013 - Brasilia, Brazil


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